I'm happy you found me! You can explore my music, pictures and other things about me from this website. If you have an idea or some collaboration you would like to discuss with me, please write to one of the e-mail addresses, which you can find in the end of this webpage.

I've been called a bit of an exotic bird in Estonia. Perhaps this is because I spent 6 years in my childhood sunny California, where my parents studied music. The local soul, funk and rock scene was embedded into me since then.

Later in adulthood establishing myself as a singer/musician in Estonia, I went on to London to seek for the big city life - to hunt the big dream. In 2015 song I wrote called "Genius" won a songwriting competition on BBC Radio. Although things where going good, I never felt quite happy there - perhaps it was the dark and crowded underground metros, the busy lifestyles and lack of green.

That's when I came to Stockholm for a week by accident and my Nordic soul found a new place to call home.

In the last 10 years he has been performing as a frontman and troubadour in around 900 events in UK, Germany, Scandinavia and Estonia.

I'm working on my new album, which will be a fusion of funk, rock and jazz.


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Ike Rann (Ikevald Rannap) is a band that play's classic rock, funk and pop with a splash of energy and authenticity. An amazing band if you need to get the party started.

Ike and his band are a crucial ingredient to any good party, we fully recommend them, their music is inspiring as was the personalities in the way they engaged the crowd. Age isn't an issue with Ike and his band, he could cater for anybody that wants a wedding or a concert at their own pace and has FUN in the title, everybody from our age into their 60s loved Ike and his band, the enthusiasm and drive he puts into his work is outstanding! Highly recommended!

Nick Mucadum
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Rocket is 6-piece funk band in Estonia. The repertoire consists of originals and classics from James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Maceo etc. The band plays everything with their own touch and passion. It's great for parties, if you want to experience something different, but still fill the dancefloor.

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Growing up in Los Angeles, his musician parents took him to a lecture with the famous American composer John Adams. In the end of his lecture, the 5 year old Ike raised his little hand among hundreds of students in the auditorium and asked - "Have you ever written any rock music?". John replied that he hadn't and asked, if Ike has - saying "No, not yet". Ike wrote his first song when he was 7 - a bluesy hiking song about squirrels and bears. Songwriting starting getting more serious in his teens when singing in different rock bands. In 2014 he released his first EP "LiveLoveLaugh", which has 6 motivational songs on it, written with Neil Diercks, the professor of songwriting for Berklee School of Music. One of the songs "Genius" won a songwriting competition on BBC Radio in 2015 and was performed by 10 choirs at the Last Choir Competition final in Lancashire, UK.

In the last 3 years he has been collaborating with songwriters and producers from London, Stockholm, Nashville and Los Angeles with the focus of releasing his next album, which will be a fusion of funk, jazz and rock.

He has also written jingles for companies and done songwriting and performance workshops in Scandianavia.